--> Cezanne's Quarry by Barbara C Pope - Author Barbara Corrado Pope
A highly recommended and captivating novel. Full of vivid courageous characters.
— Aline Cezanne, Great Granddaughter of Paul Cézanne
A masterpiece itself, deftly intermingling diverse subjects such as art, politics (of the Third Republic), love, the meaning of friendship, and the relationship between science and religion.
— Historical Novels Review, Editors Choice Title
A highly accomplished and compelling novel. Beneath an exquisite veneer of historical detail lurks a thoughtful exploration of science and religion, of old values and new, and of a woman’s place in the world.
— Hallie Ephron, The Boston Globe
Cézanne’s art, love life, and depressed personality. . . . this story of tortured love and repressed violence resembles Iain Pears at his darkest and Arturo Pérez-Reverte’s The Flanders Panel (1994) in tone and thematic depth.
— Jen Baker, Booklist
Captivating characters and a riveting plot set against the lovely backdrop of 19th-century Provence. Highly recommended for all historical mystery fiction collections.
— Library Journal, Starred Review
Intriguing, richly drawn historical mystery. Pope handily blends genuine figures and events into her fictional bouillabaisse of art, science and mystery.
— Adam Woog, The Seattle Times
Pope mixes fictional and historic figures with great dexterity, offering a portrait of Cézanne as a tortured soul.
— Katie Schneider, The Oregonian
Could Paul Cézanne be a killer? Pope animates her canvas with plenty of vivid period detail. Francophiles and history buffs will find much to savor. A provocative debut.
— Publisher’s Weekly
...three top mysteries of 2008.
— Betty, The Betz Review
An awe-inspiring murder mystery ” and “ an amazing multifaceted novel.
— Hidden Staircase Mystery Books
A masterful mix of history, French law and custom, religion, and intrigue. Her prose direct and well-crafted. Pope is expert at leaving small hints throughout her work and wrapping them up in a masterful way at the end of the novel.
— Jennifer Melville, Story Circle Book Reviews
Cézanne’s Quarry chosen one of 3 Favorite Books of 2008.
— Hallie Ephron, Critic, The Boston Globe
An enthralling novel all the way through, Cézanne’s Quarry is a must for mystery fans
— Midwest Book Review
This is an artful historical thriller centering around the father of modern art, Paul Cézanne, and his true-life obsession with a beautiful, unfettered woman. The author’s canvas includes the impact of the theory of evolution, religious conservatism, and the search for justice in the Third Republic of France, whose cultural strictures are tight enough to imprison everyone.
— Karleen Koen, author of Now Face to Face, Dark Angels and Through a Glass Darkly
Marvelous! With careful research and deft storytelling, Barbara Pope has given us a rich portrait of 19th century France. The author has woven a compelling mystery with strands of love, art, science, and religion. The murder of an intellectual and beautiful young woman leads us into the world of the French salon, where the arguments over evolution, religion, and the place of women still resonate today. Pope is particularly gifted at portraying the inner turmoil of an artist seeking his art, as a frustrated Cézanne tries to capture on paper what he sees in his head. Cézanne’s Quarry is entertaining, absorbing, and difficult to put down. A first-rate debut.
— David Ball author of The Sword and the Scimitar and Empires of Sand
In her exciting debut novel, Cézanne’s Quarry, Barbara Corrado Pope richly evokes the time, ambiance and characters-Paul Cézanne and Émile Zola among others-of late 19th century France. The sights, sounds, even the scents of the period are brought vividly to life. With elegant exposition the intriguing plot moves effortlessly to its surprising conclusion.
— Ellen Jones, author of The Fatal Crown and Beloved Enemy: The Passions of Eleanor of Aquitane
Barbara Corrado Pope has devised an intriguing blend of the police procedural and the historical mystery, set among the rivalries and prejudices of provincial France under the Third Republic. The novel portrays Paul Cézanne, painter of both the sublime and the sinister, as a suspect in the murder of a young woman in a quarry near Aix-en-Provence. Cézanne’s Quarry has the stamp of all good detective writing, in which the identity of a murderer which would have seemed impossible at the beginning is inevitable by the end. A richly satisfying entertainment with an investigating lawyer-hero whose career seems far from over.
— Donald Thomas, author of Villains Paradise and The Execution of Sherlock Holmes
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